Part/Full time hiring/opening at Skillvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Naini, Allahabad.

Our hiring process is completely different. We focus on skills, dedication, punctuality and systematic work. So we request you to write only those skills on your CV that you really possess.

Job Description

Job Role : You will be provided 1 week free of cost training if you are shortlisted. While training you will be working at Skillvent Technologies with a practical industrial exposure. You should be good in communicative English. Job will be target based which will involve Email writing, Commercial Bulk SMS Management to several other companies. IT consulting, Billing support, Technical support, Project Management. The applicant will be trained systematically for 1 week and then he/she will be perfectly eligible to start working as a digital marketer.

Please Note : Experience Certificate will only be provided if you are given an offer letter that contains minimum 6 months of hire period. Your hire period will be declared by the company just after your 1 week training course.

Who can apply? :
1. If you are currently pursuing or completed with your B.Tech. No matter whichever year.
2. If you are good in English , Email Writing, Content Writing.

Who should not apply? :
1. If you are not good in English or if you make frequent grammatical mistakes while Email writing.
2. If you have less time or hectic schedule with your lifestyle which may result into non-punctuality.
3. If you are simply expecting a position and salary without any dedication or interest in the IT based work.
4. If you are very slow in typing.

Salary/Incentives : It will be declared in your offer letter as per your assessment. However it varies as per your skills and efficiency from 3000 INR to 7000 INR per month in case of part time and 6000 INR to 17000 INR in case of full time.

How to apply : Please fill this form, Fill up your correct details. You will be getting a call for an interview for which you need to visit office at 699, Station Road, Naini, Allahabad

Bond : There is no bond of agreement. However the resign should be made with a prior notice atleast before 5 days of leaving.

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