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Android E-Materials

Welcome to the Android Training Capsule course by Skillvent Technologies.
Venue : Air Force Station, Tiwari Talab, Bamraulli , Allahabad.
Current Running Training Sessions : Air Force Station
Duration : 20 Nov 2017 - 20 Dec 2017
Our Instructor/Trainer : Mr Naveen

Softwares Download Links ::

Android Studio Download for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Android Studio Download for Mac

Android Studio Download for Linux


Notes and E-materials

1. Android Development  Using Eclipse(

2. Android Development  Using studio(

2. Android Development andvance(

3. Java Guide Book 1

4. Java Guide Book 2

Android App Demo Project Code

  Android Sample Project Name Download Size  
  AlarmExample 1.9M  
  AndroidBuildingMusic 1.5M  
  AndroidFacebookConne 2.3M  
  AndroidLoginandRegis 106K  
  AndroidServiceExample 1.0M  
  Animation 1.8M  
  CallState 1.2M  
  CallStateBroadcast 1.2M  
  ContextMenu 1.2M  
  CurrentDateTime 968K  
  DOMXmlParsing 937K  
  FragmentExample 1.3M  
  GooglePlacesAndMaps 5.1M  
  Happy Clock 2.3M  
  HideTitle 1.2M  
  HttpPostServlet1 8.7K  
  JSON Testing 1.4M  
  JsonParsing 935K  
  JsonTestAPI 1.4M  
  NewRestApi 1.3M  
  OptionMenu 1.2M  
  PopupMenu 1.2M  
  SAXXmlParsing 938K  
  ScreenOrientation 1.2M  
  ServiceExampleAudio 24M  
  SocialTemp 20M  
  StartActivityForResult 1.2M  
  TelephonyManager 1.2M  
  WeatherApp_app 879K  
  Weather Web Service 1.3M  
  Weather_Current 1.3M  
  XmlPullParsing 941K  
  alertdialog 936K  
  analogdigital 934K  
  android 1.1M  
  audiocontrol 1.0M  
  autocompletetextview 937K  
  bluetooth 939K  
  bluetoothshowpaired 1.0M  
  checkbox 937K  
  datepicker2 936K  
  explicitintent3 941K  
  externalstorage 941K  
  internalstorage 941K  
  mksdcard menu 9.0K  
  phonecall 935K  
  progressbar1 1.0M  
  rating 935K  
  sendemail 937K  
  sendsms 936K  
  sensor 935K  
  simplecallertalker 1.5M  
  simplecamera 936K  
  simplegraphics 1.0M  
  spinner 934K  
  sqlite 942K  
  sqlitespinner 944K  
  sumof2numbers 937K  
  texttospeech 937K  
  texttospeechspeed 941K  
  togglebutton 937K  
  video1 933K



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